In the United States, a yard has become synonymous with a grass-covered plot of land. So at first, the idea of ripping out your real grass and putting down fake grass may sound completely ridiculous. But if you think about it a bit longer, you'll come to realize it's not as crazy as it seems. There are actually some very real benefits associated with fake grass.

1. Fewer Allergies

Most people with outdoor allergies are allergic to grass. When you have grass in your own backyard, it's really tough to escape these allergies. After all, you track in pollen and tiny grass particles every time you walk in your yard and then come inside. If you replace your grass with artificial turf, you will have a lot less grass pollen hanging around, so you should suffer fewer allergy symptoms. You might even be able to rely less on your allergy medications, which will save you some cash.

2. Less Maintenance

Have you ever sat down and added up all the time you've spent mowing the lawn over the years? If you spend just an hour a week, that's 52 hours a year, which is more than 2 whole days out of every year dedicated to lawn mowing. Imagine what else you could be doing with that time. Artificial grass never needs mowing, and it does not need to be weeded, fertilized, or aerated either. It's the lawn care minimalist's dream.

3. Fewer Pests

Do you know who loves grass besides humans? Worms, beetles, grubs, and a whole host of other pests. They do not, however, love artificial grass. With fake grass in your yard, you will notice a lot fewer pests, which means you won't have to apply as many chemical-laden pesticides around your home. This is a healthier option, no doubt.

4. No Mud Puddles

There might be areas where water tends to settle and where your artificial grass tends to get a little wetter after a rainstorm. However, the area won't get muddy as it would with real grass. This means your shoes will stay a lot cleaner, and you can let the kids (or pets) out in the yard to play without worrying that they'll come back inside covered in mud.

If you're thinking about ripping out your lawn and replacing it with fake grass, consider getting some quotes. You won't regret making this smart, yet unconventional choice.