Marine construction projects can represent major undertakings for property owners to undertake. In particular, seawalls can be extremely common marine construction projects, but individuals will frequently fail to appreciate the steps that are involved in having these structures erected.

Will Every Building Near A Body Of Water Require A Retaining Wall?

Whether or not a property will need a retaining wall will depend on several factors. The proximity of the structure to the shore will be a major factor as buildings that are closer to the shore will be more vulnerable to the effects of erosion. Additionally, the overall rate of erosion of the shore is another important factor. Some areas will have unstable soil that means the shoreline can be prone to suffering excessive erosion. In some cases, this may even result in large sections of the shore falling into the water.

Why Is Drainage A Major Concern For Seawalls?

Individuals that are having a seawall built will often be surprised by the need to effectively address the drainage of the soil behind the wall. However, failing to do this can lead to water accumulating behind the wall. This can put tremendous pressure on the wall, and it can both degrade the materials used in the wall and increase the risk of it failing. The installation of a series of drains will allow for the water to flow past the wall. This is most often done by placing drainage tubes through the wall, but the exact solution will vary based on the terrain, thickness of the wall and other factors. For example, some systems may require a pump to actively move the water while others can simply rely on gravity.

Is It Necessary To Perform Any Regular Maintenance To The Seawall?

A seawall will experience fairly considerable strain from having to support the soil as well as withstand the wear of the water. As a result, there are some basic steps that must be taken to keep this wall in good condition. For example, these walls will need regular inspections to determine whether they are developing cracks or other potential sources of structural failure. Furthermore, barnacles and other growths should be regularly removed from the wall. These growths can secrete substances that can degrade the wall by making it brittle and less able to withstand moisture exposure. Luckily, professional seawall maintenance services can easily and affordably complete this type of basic care for your property's seawall.