Fluffy tails, beady eyes, and crafty hands are three things that describe squirrels pretty well. But, you might also want to include destructive behavior in this list when you are a homeowner with a squirrel problem. It is not easy to get rid of these critters because they are versatile and can adapt to many situations. If you are determined to keep them at bay, you cannot go into this mission halfheartedly. Using what you already have at home and going on the offensive with your landscape can eliminate their presence.

Encourage Your Own Pets

Both cats and dogs are considered predators to the squirrel. As a cat and dog owner, it may have never crossed your mind to let them do some of the work for you in protecting your landscape. It is ideal to allow this to happen when you have a fenced in backyard because you do not want your pets chasing squirrels past the property line where your pets could find themselves in danger. A fence will allow you to put your dog outside, let them roam around the yard, and protect your landscape from nearby squirrels.

Cats are even easier because you can just plant catnip and open the door whenever they want to go outside. The catnip will encourage them to stay close by. Your pets' presence alone may stop squirrels from coming to your property for food and shelter.

Attract Wild Predators

It is important to be careful with the predators that you attract to your yard to reduce the squirrel problem because you do not want to put your any of your pets at risk. Fortunately, the perfect animal to invite is the owl. They sleep all day and hunt at night, which is ideal because your pets will be in your home at night. If you have a fenced yard, as long as it does not extend to your property line, you can attract owls by encouraging other animals that they eat to your home with a brush pile outside of the fence. When you have professionals mow your grass, maintain bushes, and trim tree branches, you can have them continually restock the brush pile to always have an area where small birds are attracted to.

Owls will go where they are able to get a constant food supply. Adding shelter for them with some ready-made or custom nest boxes will further increase the chances of owls coming over to help.

When you put these offensive measures into action to protect your landscape from squirrels, you should be able to see positive results right away, and over time you may eliminate their presence entirely. For more information, contact local professionals like Arbor Landscape and Sprinklers.