Sod is a great way to get luscious grass in your yard quickly and easily. Many people choose to put sod down rather than plant seeds, but are not sure how to properly care for the sod to make sure that they get the best results. Here are some simple things that you can do to ensure that your sod works for you.

1. Water Often

After the sod has taken to the ground, you will be able to water it normally. Depending on where you live, you may be able to turn on the sprinklers a couple times a week, or even just wait till it rains. However, in the beginning stages you should be giving it a good deal of water. You can water it a couple times a day to ensure that it has plenty of nutrients. Many people keep the sprinklers on in the morning and then again in the evening to make sure that the roots are nice and moist so that they will be healthy and take to the dirt quickly.

2. Don't Walk On The Sod

Second, you shouldn't allow people to walk on the sod if at all possible. When you walk on the sod, or put any pressure on it, it could damage the roots. You might notice after walking on it that the places where there was pressure are not growing as well as the others. Keep kids off the grass, and do not drive on the grass as this will pull up the roots and damage the sod.

3. Wait a Couple Weeks To Mow The Grass

You will notice that the grass will get very long in the first couple of weeks. With the amount of fertilizer, water, and sunshine on the grass you should expect it to grow quicker than usual. This is a good sign that the grass is healthy. Even though the grass may feel too long and unmanageable, you should wait to mow it until the roots have taken hold. For instance, you can try pulling on the grass after a week or two and see if you pull up any grass or dirt. If you get any of the grass in your hand, or if the grass is even pulling a little bit, you shouldn't mow yet. The mower will pull up the grass and you will have to replant the sod.

By following these tips you can ensure healthy sod. For assistance, talk to a professional like Metro Sod & Seeding Inc.