Working full-time with extra hours or even taking on two jobs can lead to minimal free time. So, when you do have a few hours of free time or a day off, you may not be interested in handling any chores. It is still important to maintain things on your property such as your landscape, so you may hire a gardener to come over every week or every other week. The problem is that paying $20 to $50 an hour for a highly skilled gardener can get costly over the long run. If you'd like to reduce those costs, look to make the following changes to your landscape in order to reduce or eliminate the need to hire a professional.

Minimize Leaf Buildup

An excellent starting point is to plant trees that do not lose their leaves in the fall. It is common for gardeners to have to clean up the yard before they start mowing the lawn. This can include leaves, nuts, fruits, seeds, or pinecones, all of which take a decent amount of time to gather up or blow away. Some excellent trees to solve this problem are the Japanese evergreen oak or the bay laurel. Also, since they do not grow extremely tall, you won't have to worry about costly tree trimming.

Eliminate Mowing

The concept of growing grass and not having to mow it at all might be unheard of to some people. But, it is possible to enjoy a beautiful lawn while also having grass that is quite low-maintenance. Buffalograss is a perfect example because it usually only grows to about 4 to 6 inches in height. Mowing is only needed to let the grass grow back after wintertime has led to the development of some brown spots.

Reduce Trimming

There is a long list of plants that can be used as a hedge. The important thing is to avoid the standard, more popular choices, some of which can require extensive upkeep and trimming. Getting a little creative with your plant selection can make all the difference in regard to costs. The Indian hawthorn or oleander plant are two excellent examples of plants worth using as a hedge. Being able to enjoy their beauty without having to worry about trimming costs will be a huge plus as a homeowner.

Changing your landscape is smart when it allows you to pay less money on long-term maintenance. Talk to a company like Waynesboro Nurseries Inc that specializes in landscape design to help you decide what you can do to make your yard low maintenance.