If you think you need to use a lot of water to keep your lawn looking lush, you might be surprised to find out that you don't. In fact, with the right techniques, you can actually keep your lawn green using less water, which is great during drought conditions. All it takes is some careful planning. Here are two quick tips you can use to make sure your stays lush with less water.

Use the Right System

When it comes to keeping your lawn green using less water, choosing the right system is of the utmost importance. There are three types of systems: hand watering, automatic sprinklers, and drip-irrigation lines. The key to proper watering is to make sure you use the right system for each area of your yard.

Hand Watering

If you have a small area of lawn or a few plants around your home, hand watering is an efficient way to keep your yard healthy. This type of watering includes ordinary garden hoses and attachable sprinkler heads.

Automatic Sprinklers

If you have large expanses of lawns, you need the precision that automatic sprinkler systems provide. This type of system allows you to place numerous sprinklers throughout your yard so that the entire area receives the same amount of water.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation lines are best for areas where you want to make sure that specific plants receive the proper amount of water without the need to physically water each individual plant. This type of system allows you to water trees and shrubs efficiently without wasting water.

It's All About the Timing

One of the benefits of automatic sprinkler systems is that you can set them to a timer. Most lawns require about an inch of water per week to stay healthy. To make sure your lawn is getting the amount of water it needs and to prevent water wasting you can test the timer using this simple test. Place several small bowls throughout your lawn. Turn your sprinklers on and allow them to run a full cycle.

Once the sprinklers shut off, measure the water that has accumulated in the bowls. If you accumulated ¼" of water, you'll need to water your lawn four times a week for 30 minutes to reach the necessary inch of water it will need to stay green. If you've accumulated ½" of water in the bowl, you'll need to water your lawn twice a week for 30 minutes. Using this technique will allow you to keep your lawn green without daily watering schedules.

You want your lawn to stay lush. You also want to conserve water. You can do both when you take the proper steps. Use the steps provided here to keep your lawn beautiful and use less water. You can also call companies like Green Leaf Lawn Services for more information about lawn maintenance.