Trees can be a valuable addition to your home but can also lead to problems when they become hazardous. The hazards may need to be dealt with by having the tree removed, which can be costly and also include removing waste. Rather than hauling the waste from your tree removal hauled off, you may want to consider projects that turn your tree waste into useful materials. Here are some tips to help you turn tree waste from your removal into valuable materials:

1.  Rent A Wood Chipper To Turn Wood Into Valuable Landscape Covering

There is a lot of debris from your tree removal that may not be of much use to you. If you want to turn it into valuable material, you can chip it into mulch and use it for ground covering. This can be done with a wood chipper and all the small branches from the tree. You can rent wood chippers of different sizes to get the materials chipped quickly and add them to garden paths or flower beds around your home.

2. Reduce Small Waste Into Compost For Valuable Garden Soils

There may also be smaller leafy waste that needs to be disposed of. This material may not be the best for mulch and ground cover because it often has leaves, insects and other material you do not want in ground cover. An alternative to mulching this material may be to turn it into compost, which you can do with a wood chipper and other lawn equipment, such a composting lawn mower or leaf blower.

3. Cut Large Timbers Into Useable Lumber For Projects And Repairs

There are probably going to be large trunks when you have a tree removed. These materials can be good for making lumber. You may want to cut the largest trunks into manageable sections, which you can use for things like landscaping timbers or for projects like raised flower beds.  You may also want to cut the material into smaller boards to use for things like repairs and projects around your home.

4. Materials From Larger Branches For Firewood Or Woodworking Projects And Materials

In addition to large trunks, there may also be large branches that are too big for the chipper and too small to use for larger timbers and lumber. You may want to collect these materials and use them to cut small lumber or firewood. Depending on the type of tree you removed, the lumber from these branches may be valuable and easier for you to cut down into useable pieces.

These are some tips that will help you turn your tree removal waste into valuable materials. If you are ready to have a tree removed around your home, contact a tree service like Kramer Landscaping Co and talk with them about how they can help you repurpose your tree debris.