If you are purchasing a home that has a terribly overgrown yard, and the trees appear to be rotting or infested with bugs, you need to call the professionals. You want to have the lawn taken care of before you move in.

There are many risks and hazards associated with overgrown properties, and you don't should avoid walking around the overgrown brush if possible. Here are a few professional services you'll want to look into before you start the move.

Landscaping Care and Treatment

Getting through the lawn with regular lawn more may be difficult if it's overgrown, and instead the professional landscaping company will use a commercial mower to cut the lawn. They may have to go through with two different types of mowers, and at different blade levels to get the ground flat.

Once the grass and brush has been cut, have them apply weed treatment throughout the yard and remove unwanted bushed or plants. You may also want hydro seed put down to bring fresh new grass to the property if the existing grass was destroyed and taken over by common weeds. 

Tree Service and Removal

Are there trees that are dying, rotting, overgrown or casting shade around the property? If so, you want to leave the work to the experts and not attempt to cut anything down on your own. Felling and cutting trees is one of the most dangerous jobs for the professionals to manage, so you don't want to put your life, your property, or the property of others around you at risk by attempting the work on your own. The tree experts can also determine if your trees are alive but infected and if they need to be removed because they are a risk to the wildlife. 

Pest Control Professionals

The overgrown yard can attract a variety of pests and vermin to the property, which is a danger to you and the community. You want the best control experts to come to the house to treat for insects and rodents outside of the property and around the house, so the pests don't continue to breed and nest, and so they don't try to enter your house. You may want to get a house pest inspection as well.

If you know that your yard needs more than a fresh cut and some mulch, you'll want to outsource all the work so that the property is cared for properly and so it's safe. Get estimates and find out when you can get each professional in to their job, and what order they need to come in. For more information, contact a company like Arborcare Tree Service.