Certain cities and neighborhoods have large backyards for the majority of residential homes while others are stuck with narrow backyards, which means you may not have had much of an option when buying a property. So, if you are now a homeowner with a narrow backyard, you might not know how to turn It into something that you love appearance-wise and want to spend time in on a regular basis.

Fortunately, any landscape can be turned into a masterpiece, it just requires proper planning.

Add A Long Walkway

With a narrow backyard, you might have a decent amount of space due to its length, but this does not mean that the space is ready to be turned into something special. The best way to start making the entire space desirable is by adding a long walkway that stretches to the end of the backyard.

It is ideal to put this kind of addition on one side of the yard, mainly because you do not want to take up valuable space in the middle, which would limit your options for creating a feature-rich space.

Plant a Small Tree

If you want to add a focal feature to your backyard and provide natural shade to the yard, you should consider planting a tree. However, you want to avoid large trees as they will force you to dedicate so much space to its growth. It is crucial to focus on small trees, such as the Amur Maple or Flowering Dogwood.

Set Up Fencing

To create a defined space that you can feel completely comfortable working with, you should add fencing to the backyard. Since it is narrow, you should not have to worry about high costs as the material you need will be much less compared to properties with long and wide backyards.

If you are up for installing a chain-link fence on your own, you can enjoy costs under that of $400 to $2,000, based on the fact that narrow yards are not likely to need more than 100 feet of fencing. With chain-link, you can add privacy and make it special by turning it into a living fence. So, instead of feeling the need to fill up most of your yard with greenery, you can focus on making a larger deck or patio.

Working with a narrow backyard does not have to be an impossible task. By getting creative, you can come up with all sorts of ideas that will allow you to turn your backyard into one you love. Contact a local landscapers supply outlet for further assistance.