If you have trees on your property, one may eventually become a problem and need to be removed. When dealing with a tree removal, cutting the tree down is only part of the problem. The vacant space can leave you with a myriad of different landscaping problems, such as plants that no longer have the shape they need or an unsightly stump. These issues can be difficult to deal with when putting your yard back together. Here are some tips to help you with some of the landscaping problems that you may have to deal with after tree removal:

1. Removing Shade Plants That May Not Survive After Tree Removal

The shade that a tree once provided may leave some plants burning in the sun. Before you have a tree removed, you may want to relocate these plants. You can also move these plants after the tree removal, but you may want to make some type of temporary shade screen to protect the plants until you have a chance to move them to a safer place.

2. Dealing With Damage To Plants And Trees During A Tree Removal

There is also damage that can be done to plants during a tree removal. This may affect adjacent trees that are hit by the falling debris or other problems. To ensure that these plants survive, you will want to have pruning done to ensure that the damage does not cause disease and other problems with the plants. Pruning will allow plants to recover quickly.

3. Adding Plants That Like Sunlight To Give Your Landscaping A New Look

When there is a bare space left from plants that have been removed, you may want to plant sun-tolerant plants. These can be things like trees, flowers and shrubs that do good in sunlight. You may also want to consider planting grass where the shade did not allow grass to grow before. This will help give more color to your lawn, as well as prevent problems with erosion after tree removal.

4. Dealing With Roots And Stumps Left Behind After The Tree Is Gone

Roots and stumps can be another problem that you need to deal with after tree removal. To get rid of stumps quickly, you may want to have stump grinding done. Doing this will remove the stump and roots that can cause holes in your lawn when they rot away. It can also be good to give you useable space for new plants in your landscaping.

If you are ready to start putting your yard back together, contact a tree service, such as Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC, and talk with them about stump grinding or tree pruning to start with a clean area for your new landscaping.