Adding a retaining wall to your landscaping is very useful. It is a great way to separate different soils and areas within your yard that need different sprinkler systems. It is also very useful on sloped landscapes. While retaining walls can be useful, they can also be very stylish. A smartly designed wall, in addition to segregating different types of plants, can also create visual lines that make your entire yard look better organized. Many people think that they need to call in a professional to install a retaining wall. In fact, there are many types of retaining wall bricks that don't even require the use of mortar. This article explains how to use mortar-free retaining wall bricks.

Using the Right Bricks

First, you want to make sure you have the right type of bricks. Self stacking retaining wall bricks do not require any mortar. Mortar-free retaining wall bricks are not rectangular like most normal bricks. The back edge slightly tapers off and there's usually a small lip on the bottom side and a groove on the top. When properly stacked, the lip will slot into the groove and create a strong hold. You can buy large packs of bricks that have a range of different colors. These colors are similar, so when they are stacked randomly, they look great and add a little uniqueness to your wall.

Laying the First Row

The key is to use a level as you install the first row of bricks. This is your starting point, so you want to make sure it is as level as possible. You will need to firmly tamp down the soil before placing the bricks. In the end, the bottom few rows of brick will probably end up being covered by soil, grass and foliage. But it is still very important that they are level.

Stacking With Soil

While you don't need to use any mortar or adhesive to secure the bricks, you do need to use the soil to make the wall solid. As you build the wall upward, you need to fill in soil behind it. The wall will be slightly slanted inward, so you basically need to keep patting down soil behind it as it continues to get higher.

Building small walls is all well and good as long as the wall is only a foot or two high. However, the logistics of transporting the brick and the physical requirements of the installation prompt most homeowners to let professional landscapers handle the job. Contact a business, such as Foothills  Grounds Maint, for more information.