Xeriscaping is a special type of landscaping that limits the amount of water that is needed to maintain a property. This type of landscaping is especially beneficial in areas that receive little rainfall. Here are a few ways that xeriscaping can benefit you:

Xeriscaping can keep your yard looking beautiful.

It can be difficult to keep a yard looking great when there is little water to use for irrigation. Xeriscaping minimizes the need for water by using decorative plants that are resistant to drought. As a result, the plants are less likely to die even when available moisture is minimal.

Xeriscaping helps you conserve water.

During dry seasons, you may be prohibited from using large amounts of water to maintain your outdoor space. Xeriscaping allows you to keep a great-looking yard without needing large levels of irrigation.

Irrigation methods that are used are designed to only apply the amount of water that is actually needed. Tools, such as soaker hoses, may be used to direct the flow of moisture to water the plants only so that no water is wasted.

Additional landscaping practices, such as the mixing of compost with the soil, helps ensure that the soil has proper drainage and still retains enough water for the plants to thrive.

Xeriscaping can cut down on the need for routine maintenance.

A typical lawn needs to be mowed quite regularly. In addition, if the turf takes up most of the space on your property, mowing can be quite time-consuming. With xeriscaping, the amount of turf on your property is minimized. As a result, your maintenance may only need to include periodic pruning of decorative plants, the weeding of areas that contain mulch and the mowing of a small space on your property.

Xeriscaping often uses local plants.

Xeriscaping often uses local plants, so that tropical species do not need to be flown in to complete your landscaping needs. This is also beneficial because local plants may already be resistant to insects found in the area. The plants are also likely to need little fertilizer since xeriscaping improves the local soil through the addition of organic additives, such as compost.

If you would like to use xeriscape landscaping to beautify your property, consult with a landscaper in your area. He or she can advise you of additional benefits of this type of landscaping and explore possible design options with you. You may even be able to review photos of local xeriscape properties.

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