A new puppy can bring a lot of laughter and fun into the life of your family. It's natural that you'll want to let them roam around in your backyard. However, you may be concerned if holes start showing up in your yard, your plants start wilting, and your puppy gets sick. Here are some ways you can prevent problems with your yard landscaping while ensuring your new puppy is safe and well when they venture out.

Create a Puppy Sandbox

One of the things your new puppy is likely to do in your backyard is to start digging all kinds of holes. They may try to dig at the base of your fence, or make several little holes all around the place. This can result in an unsightly yard where grass doesn't grow uniformly, especially if you're always filling the holes your puppy has dug.

One way to reduce the amount of unapproved digging in your yard is to make sure your new puppy has a sandbox to play in. A sandbox provides a dedicated space for all the digging your puppy wants to do. To encourage them to start digging, allow them to watch you as you bury dog treats and playthings in the sand. 

You can create a simple sandbox by connecting a few wood planks from a home improvement store or stacking bricks. You can also buy one that is pre-made, if you choose.

Fill the Yard with Urine-Resistant Plants

It is reasonable to assume that your new puppy will urinate on the plants in your yard at one time or another. Over time, ammonia and other chemicals in the urine can cause different plants to break down and wither, leaving you with a wasteland in the backyard.

To make sure this doesn't happen, consider planting shrubs and plants such as japanese spindle trees that have strong leaves that won't wither after being exposed to urine.

Know What Materials and Plants to Avoid

Just as you take time to find out what plants are good to have around when you've got a new puppy, it is vital that you know what materials and plants may be dangerous for them. For example, you may like the way cocoa mulch looks and want to put it around the yard bushes; you need to know that, like chocolate, cocoa mulch is toxic to dogs so it's a good idea to choose something else.

There are a number of plants that are poisonous for dogs, including: 

  • Daffodils
  • Calla lilies
  • Eucalyptus
  • Basil

Before you plant anything new, ensure that your dog won't be harmed by it by doing some research and checking with your vet.

Use the information above to help you to do some landscape maintenance and keep your puppy safe. Have a discussion with a reputable landscaping company in the area for more suggestions. Contact a company like Show-Me Mowing to get started.