Keeping your grass healthy and green requires regular maintenance and following of a few procedures. The following tips can help you grow a lush, green lawn and avoid some common problems.

Tip #1: Avoid chemical burns

Chemical burns can happen in any season. Getting soap on your lawn, especially a bleach product, can be majorly detrimental. Take care when dumping out cleaning water or washing your car to make sure all the soap residue goes into areas with no grass or plants. This is especially true if you use cleaners to wash your siding, roof, or windows. You may want to cover the lawn next to the house with a tarp to protect it as you clean. In winter, the main danger comes from ice melt products, which can damage the lawn. Only use the minimum required and sweep up the excess once a thaw occurs.

Tip #2: Fertilize wisely

Over-fertilization, especially with nitrogen-rich fertilizers, can also result in a damaged lawn and dead spots. Follow the application schedule and recommended amount as listed on the label, since this differs between fertilizer types and brands. You can also hire a lawn service to handle fertilization. They typically use a liquid based product that is dilute enough to avoid fertilizer burn.

Tip #3: Watch for dogs

Dogs can leave large dead spots in the lawn. The culprit is the excess nitrogen in their urine. Dilution is the best defense. If you have a dog, make sure to water the area in which they prefer to use daily to help dilute the urine, and use less nitrogen fertilizer in that area.

Tip #4: Don't scalp

Mowing the lawn too short isn't a healthy tactic. Grass needs to be long enough so it can shade the soil for healthy root growth, while also providing enough leaf surface to absorb ample sunlight. 2 ½ to 3 ½ inch long blades are usually sufficient, but it can vary by grass type.

Tip #5: Change up your routine

Don't mow in the same direction each time. This can result in the grass developing tracks or ruts from the lawnmower wheels. It can also make the grass lay in one direction, which can give the lawn a thin look. Instead, switch up the direction and the mowing path each time you mow.

Contact a local lawn mowing service if this sounds like too much work or too much to remember. They have the tools and knowledge to keep your lawn healthy, green, and well-groomed. Or click to learn more.