If you want to have a sprinkler system that is efficient and helps you conserve water, rain collection may be something that you want to invest in. Rain harvesting can give you clean water that you can use for things like irrigation without problems with water restrictions and other hassles. Here are some tips to help you set up a rain harvesting system for your irrigation needs:

1. Installing A Gutter System To Collect And Filter Rain Water

The gutters of your home are an important part of your rain harvesting system. The system can start with wider gutters to maximize the capacity of your rain collection system. From the gutters, the downspouts will need to have a simple filtration system. The pre-filtering system helps to keep debris out of the collection tanks as well as includes a screen to prevent insects from contaminating the water. This will help ensure that the rain water is relatively clean and ready to be used for irrigation.

2. Deciding On The Type Of Tanks To Use For Your Rain Harvesting System

You will also want to decide on the type of tanks that you use for your rain collection system. The simple and affordable water storage solution is to use above ground tanks, which can also be used for drip irrigation and gravity fed systems. If you want to have more capacity and the tanks out of sight, you can also have them buried in your yard, which can also help protect them from insects and contaminants that can get in the water.

3. Installing Pumps And Irrigation Equipment For Sprinklers And Drip Watering Systems

Once you have the gutters and storage tanks, you will need to have the irrigation equipment. If you plan on having sprinklers for a lawn, you will need to have a small pump to power them, so you may want to use smaller sprinklers that require less pressure to operate. You can also use drip irrigation for other plants in flower beds and other areas of your landscaping. The drip irrigation will require a minimal amount of pressure, which can be good for a gravity-fed irrigation system.

These are some tips to help you start setting up a rain harvesting system for your irrigation. If you are ready for improvements to your sprinkler system, contact an irrigation service such as Steeplechase and talk with them about rain harvesting solutions for your yard.