Hydro-seeding is increasingly becoming a more attractive option for growing a lush green lawn. If you're considering a large scale outdoor remodel, think about investing in hydro-seeding options rather than common sod. There are quite a few benefits to hydro-seeding. While there is more time and water required for growing, you will definitely enjoy these benefits in your own yard.

Hydro-seed is more adaptable. Is your yard shaded or sunny, or does have tough soil that inhibits adequate growing conditions? These factors are no problem because hydro-seed is available in all types of seed options that can and will grow in many types of environments. You have the freedom of choosing through these seed options to find the best fit for your yard.

There is greater disease resistance among the varieties of hydro-seed. If you've tried sod with little or no results, or even downright frustrations, this could possibly have been caused by any number of diseases that prey on lawns. Sod is usually made up of one single type of turf grass, therefore disease can become adapted to that single type of grass. Hydro-seed is special in that it is combined of a few different seed types that all have different disease-resistant characteristics. This blend will result in less disease overall, ensuring your new lawn will stay healthy and green.

Hydro-seed is much more cost effective for large yards. Sod can run anywhere from three to five times more than the cost of hydro-seeding. This is because there is less manual labor involved in applying hydro-seed than in laying sod, as well as little time to apply the hydro-seed once your landscaper has prepared the machine. Compare this with the time and labor involved in laying sod over the same large area, and you have significant savings.

A green, lush hydro-seeded lawn is much more attractive. Sod can tend to brown in some areas at any given time, even after it takes to your soil. Because hydro-seed is composed of a variety of seed types, each type can adapt to every area of your yard, thus growing successfully. This will offer a greener, healthier, and more attractive lawn once your seed begins to grow.

If you truly desire a lush green lawn that your neighbors are sure to drool over, look through your options for hydro-seeding. Your local landscaper is sure to offer hydro-seed options, or at the very least be able to give you satisfactory information to help you start the lawn you've always wanted. You may even find a company that specializes in hydroseeding, such as Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc.